Who We Are

Welcome to our story at ba.be.O!

Born and raised in a quaint small town, we, Josie and Jessica, understand the challenges of finding stylish and sustainable baby clothing in communities like ours. As teachers by profession and sisters by heart and blood, we've always shared a passion for supporting local businesses and decided to join the entrepreneur world while we navigate motherhood and dressing our own little ones.

Inspired by our own experiences and fueled by the anticipation of motherhood, we embarked on a journey to fill the gap in the market. Our vision was simple yet profound: to provide parents with access to high-quality, organic cotton baby clothes that are both fashionable and gentle on delicate skin.

Driven by our shared love for babies and our desire to create a positive impact, we established ba.beO. Each piece in our collection is thoughtfully curated to reflect our commitment to practicality, sustainability, comfort, and style.

As we navigate the beautiful journey of pregnancy together, we're excited to share our passion for baby clothing with you. Join us in celebrating the joy of parenthood and the beauty of supporting local businesses